How We Became 

In 2007, four friends and co-workers found themselves with a common dilemma.

The owner of the company that they had worked at together had passed away.

The succeeding management did not share their common vision of building a lasting relationship with customers by providing quality repairs at an honest price.

What initially appeared to be a potentially negative experience, turned out to be the opportunity to put their shared vision into practice when they opened Kentucky & Indiana Fleet Service.

What began with five customers in 2007 has grown into Kentucky & Indiana Fleet Service providing everything from routine scheduled maintenance, up to and including complete engine rebuilds for over 135 national and locally based companies.

Quality repairs at an honest price.

From the beginning, and continuing through today, the shared vision of the four friends, and now the owners of Kentucky & Indiana Fleet Service, has remained intact.

Provide quality repairs, at an honest price, and you don't just develop customers, you develop relationships that last a lifetime.